[2022] [加拿大] [真人] [追更] [BT下载][消防大师 Fire Masters 第五季][更新至04集][英语无字][MKV][720P/1080P][片源


◎片  名 消防大师 Fire Masters

◎年  代 2022

◎产  地 加拿大

◎类  别 真人秀/美食

◎语  言 英语

◎上映日期 2022-06-04

◎主  演 Dylan Benoit , Eddie Jackson , Andrea Nicholson , Connie DeSousa , Ray Lampe , Amy Mills , Kevin Bludso , Andy Husbands , Dale MacKay , Nicole Gomes , Tiffani Faison , Mike Callaghan , Sarah Grueneberg , Roger Mooking , Bruno Pascale , Devan Rajkumar , Brian Misko , Nick Liu , Hugh Mangum

◎简  介

Enter the inferno in the exhilarating new food competition series Fire Masters. In each episode, three chefs push their grilling talents to the limit as they do battle in fiery culinary challenges, cooking up creative, mouthwatering, flame-kissed dishes. One chef is eliminated in each of the first two rounds. The last chef standing then goes head-to-head with a Fire Masters judge in an epic third and final round, vying for $10,000 cash and the coveted title of Fire Masters Champion!

在令人振奋的全新美食竞赛系列 Fire Masters 中进入地狱。在每一集中,三位厨师将他们的烧烤天赋发挥到极致,他们在激烈的烹饪挑战中战斗,烹制出创意、令人垂涎的火焰亲吻菜肴。前两轮各淘汰一名厨师。最后一位站着的厨师在史诗般的第三轮也是最后一轮比赛中与 Fire Masters 评委正面交锋,争夺 10,000 美元现金和梦寐以求的 Fire Masters Champion 头衔!

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