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「Red Team Ethical Hacking - Beginner」 链接:https://www.aliyundrive.com/s/ABCKuRwRRoW



Acquire the knowledge to become a Red Team operator on Windows Domains

Learn how to dobasic Post-Exploitation tactics on Windows Domains such as enumeration, lateral movement, local/remote effects, persistence, evasion, and much more!

This course will teach you Red Team tactics in a very practical and hands-on approach! With over 30 lectures and 3 hours of video this course will get you the jump start you need to learn Red Team basics. Every lecture on a TTP (tactic, technique, and procedure) will demo commands you can follow on your own Windows lab environment.

** Grow your skills in Red Teaming to enhance your professional skills!

The course will cover a wide range of topics, including:

Red Team Basics
C2 Systems
Basic Administration Commands
Local and Remote Effects
Lateral Movement

Regardless if you want to be a professional Red Teamer yourself, interested in some of the basics of how Post-Exploitation works once a user gets the right credentials or access token, and/or just curious and want to expand your knowledge of hacking and computers in general, this is the course for you. So what are you waiting for? Learn Red Teaming now to advance your professional career and/or knowledge!

* Taught skills must only be used ethically for a professional red team or penetration testing job, or for general cyber awareness for better security practices
Who this course is for:

Beginners to Ethical Hacking
Cybersecurity Professionals
Red Team Operators
Ethical Hackers
Penetration Testers
Security Engineers
System Administrators
Network Engineers
Security Engineers


Computer or Laptop capable of running virtual machines with access to internet
Familiarity with Metasploit
Familiarity with Windows Domains

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